Challenges of AI in development of websites


AI knows everyone in today’s world. In many aspects it also helps in maintaining the load and the depression ratio of workers in many sectors is reduced by up to 80%. As a web developer I would find it very difficult to work with AI as it seems to reduce the critical thinking of humans […]

Transform Your Business with Our Latest Website Development Project!


At Lofty Soft, we’re thrilled to showcase our latest website development project that encompasses cutting-edge design, seamless functionality, and intuitive admin panel features. Partnering with Beyond Logistics, we crafted a bespoke web solution tailored to their unique needs, including responsive design elements, efficient invoice generation, and streamlined record-keeping capabilities. Explore our portfolio to witness firsthand […]

Applications of Artificial Intelligence – Lofty Soft


What are the applications of artificial intelligence? Now a days a question is literally create laughter, ahaa no any field of human life is empty without A.I. It is a remarkable advancement in the field of computer Sciences. Here we enlist some fields where A.I. is used to enhance the efficiency of human work by […]