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What are the applications of artificial intelligence? Now a days a question is literally create laughter, ahaa no any field of human life is empty without A.I. It is a remarkable advancement in the field of computer Sciences.

Here we enlist some fields where A.I. is used to enhance the efficiency of human work by machines:

1. Business Domains (Research Analysis, Website/online functionality, Security)

2. Robotics

3. Natural Language Processing

4. Speech Recognition

5. Computer Vision (Image Processing, Automatic Driving systems)

6. Smart Applications Desktop/Mobile/Web

1. Business Domains

Consider an example mentioned in our previous blog, that if a business man needs expert advice to manage his products and needs managers to provide a solution to enhance his business by providing a optimal marketing strategy to meet the market criteria. the managers will surely provide a good solution as they are expert in this field but what about the time it takes and what about the salaries of these experts. and what if there has been a machine which provide solution in real time and provide a best solution without investing alot resources or money. Yes here the A.I. is a best fit solution in business domain and definitely to meet customer demands its also a big challenge in this rapid development century.

A.I. is widely used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications, for security in online business to detect spammers and safe payment transfer for online banking systems, Secure social media solutions and routine business tasks has been enhanced more with the use of A.I.

2. Natural Language Processing

There has been rapid development in the field of NLP using A.I. techniques. Just taking an simple example of IOS Siri which is a great fit example here. Another alot more natural language processing applications uses A.I. to manipulate natural languages by machines.

1. Search filters

2. Text Predictions

3. Voice recognition

4. Translators

3. Computer Vision

Image processing in mobile applications and also in web and desktop applications are the example of computer vision. CV uses A.I. techniques to detect objects in a image. it is widely used for security by detecting face and other identity. Snapchat is another very common example of computer vision.

1. Object detection in robots

2. Smart city applications

3. Automatic driving system

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