Robotics is a filed of artificial intelligence concerned with robots that mimic human capabilities. The field includes the development of robots capable of performing useful tasks, as well as the study of the theory and design of such machines. Practical applications today comprise a wide range of industrial, military and civilian roles beyond entertainment, including disaster cleanup and medical assistance, inspection and testing, exploration, automating dull or dirty jobs and lastly the service industry.

Robotics is the science of designing, building and testing autonomous robots. It deals with the design, construction and operation of nearly any type of robot, especially one that can follow a variety of missions in environments that are hazardous or highly constrained. Robotics is therefore a broad and diverse area that includes Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Mining/Analysis, Machine Learning, and many more topics.

Robotics is the branch of engineering and science that involves designing, constructing, operating and controlling robots. Robotics is also the science of doing so in a way that helps humans do their jobs more effectively.

Robotics is a field of artificial intelligence that encompasses the study of algorithms and systems that interact with the physical world. Robotics has been defined as “the study and design of mechanisms, especially mechanical or civil, as well as computers, to operate automatically” by the field’s primary research organization, The Robotics Society of Japan (RSoJ).

Robotics is about making things move. Robots are used for a variety of purposes, including research and manufacturing. There are many types of robots out there: industrial, medical and marine, but all share a common goal. To assist humans with their jobs.

iRobot Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that can navigate itself around your home without any human help. The Roomba 980 features a Wi-Fi connection to allow you to control it using an app on your smartphone or tablet. Simply open the app before you begin your cleaning session and place your phone on the dock, then get started with one click. You can schedule automatic cleaning sessions when you need them, or manually run the Roomba through its self-cleaning brush twice a week

Lets talk about humanoid robots

A humanoid robot is a robot which looks and moves like a human being. Humanoid robots can be made to do just about anything a person can do, including carry out duties such as office work, factory or service industry production line, security and nursing care

A humanoid robot is a humanoid automaton having a roughly human appearance with movable joints. While often assumed to be built from metal and plastic and having no sense of touch, these robots actually use either phototransistors or IR sensors and actuators on the feet to respond to stimuli from the environment thus providing sensations most humanoid robots lack.

Sophia, the most advanced humanoid robot ever built. With her expressive face, she can express a wide range of emotions and is the first robot to be able to do so. By mapping her responses to thousands of situations and interactions, she learns to adapt automatically—making the robot more intelligent.

Sophia is the world’s first humanoid robot. Built by Hanson Robotics and released in 2016, Sophia is a humanoid robot who interacts with its surroundings through artificial intelligence and speech recognition. The company wasn’t looking to create a product, but rather wanted to explore the ethical issues that would arise from having a robot be able to interact with people in an increasingly complex world.

Sophia is the world’s first robot to be created using artificial intelligence. She was born in an Apple lab, and a unique system has been used to bring her to life.

Even in the near future, where the robots are becoming more and more sophisticated, still there is a lot of room for improvement. Key challenges include being able to stay under control of human brain and having the same behavioral qualities as humans. Robotics is also one of the most promising technology for business sectors. Robots can perform multiple tasks or work as assistants or get rid of some human jobs altogether

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